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Unable to update RAID Controller FW from a very early version directly or through BoMC – Lenovo Server

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When users update ServeRAID M5200 Series SAS/SATA Controller firmware from 24.9.0-0026 to 24.21.0-0112 under OS or through BoMC, there is no error reported, but the firmware will not update successfully after system reboot. The firmware will still be displayed as version 24.9.0-0026 prior to the update.

(where BoMC = Bootable Media Creator)

Affected Configurations

The system is configured with one or more of the following Lenovo Options:

  • ServeRAID M5210 SAS/SATA Controller for IBM System x, Option 46C9110, any any
  • ServeRAID M5210e SAS/SATA Controller for IBM System x, Option 46C9117CTO, any any
  • ServeRAID M5215 with 2GB Flash Enablement, Option 00JX142, any 00JX139/00MW400
  • ServeRAID M5225-2GB SAS/SATA Controller, Option 00AE938, any model

This tip is not system specific.

This tip is not software specific.

The system has the symptom described above.


24.9.0-0026 is a very early version. Users will need to update to a middle version such as 24.21.0-0052, and then update to the latest version 24.21.0-0112.

Additional Information

24.9.0-0026 was released in 2015, and 24.21.0-0112 was released in 2019. There are lots of fixes/enhancements between these two versions. The RAID controller will not allow users to update directly.


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