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Download Gen10/Gen10 Plus Service Pack For ProLiant (SPP) Version 2021.10.0

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As an administrator, everyone knows the HPE server’s SPP software. Today admin will share with you the download link of different SPP versions for HPE server installation.

SPP is to integrate all firmware driver software of different server lines and repackage HP Service Pack SPP (SPP) version 2021.10.0. We can burn to USB, or DVD to update drivers, firmware and patch software for HPE Server.

Release Summary:

The 2021.10.0 Gen10/Gen10 Plus SPP Production release contains components supporting the ProLiant and Apollo Gen10 and Gen10 Plus server platforms and options. This SPP release contains Smart Update Manager (SUM) 8.9.0 and driver support for:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2022
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP3
  • Enabled support for vLCM/HSM. Please refer to Valid-vLCM-Combos document for information on using the SPP to define the vLCM desired image.

This release also includes support for online update of VMware ESXi 7.0 U3 on Gen10/Gen10 Plus server platforms.

2021.10.0 SPP release supersedes the 2021.04.0 Gen10 SPP.

Download here : P45316_001_gen10spp-2021.10.0-SPP2021100.2021_1012.13.iso

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