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IDERA SQL Product Pack

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IDERA is a suite of useful SQL Database Professionals and tools that make it much easier to do routine tasks than ever before. Database professionals are involved in the day to day tasks such as backups, resource control, security issues, database troubleshooting and many more. For small and medium databases, it may be sufficient to use common database engine tools such as SSMS and so on, but when the database becomes too large and the number of users, resources, and sensitivity increases.

Certainly the database that runs hundreds of thousands of requests a day has more pressures than the database used for an internal network, and its management and maintenance issues are much more important. This is where the peripherals come in, like the IDERA toolbox. Using these tools will make many tasks easier. For example, in this set there is a tool for debugging common issues in databases called SQL Diagnostic Manager. With this software you can instantly view the virtual and physical resources used in the database on charts, identify weak and weak queries in the database and optimize them. Set up alerts at critical times to notify you by email or other means of communication.

also Or another database backup tool called SQL Safe Backup. This tool performs backups faster than SQL Server and has the distinct compression capability of capturing backups, so you won’t need to compress it after backup. It also does not prevent problems in the network from backing up. Another advantage of this backup tool is the ability to choose the type of backup method. You can take a full backup every time or just save the changed parts in incremental backups. It is also possible to send copies of backups to cloud storage such as Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage. Backup restarts are also instantaneous and fast.

Sometimes you need to view the database without having to back up the database for some reason. A tool called Sql Virtual Database is here to help you. With this software you can view data in tables and other database objects in a virtual database and even run queries on it without having to worry about interfering with your main database. IDERA includes some other useful tools that will definitely make DBAs’ work much easier than before.

List of available software:

SQL Admin Toolset

SQL Boost

SQL Defrag

SQL Diagnostic Manager

SQL Safe

SQL Virtual Database

Required system


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Installation guide

There is a way to crack every version of it.


Download Idera_SQL_Admin_Toolset_1.9.1.328
Download Idera_SQL_Defrag_Manager_Enterprise_3.5.0.292
Download Idera_SQL_Doctor_v3.7.0.378
Download Idera_SQL_Boost_2.9.15.0_Retail
Download Idera_SQL_Defrag_3.4
Download Idera_SQL_Diagnostic_Manager_9.0.0.1189_x64
Download Idera_SQL_Safe_9.0

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