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Download HPE Service Pack for ProLiant SPP 2021.05.0

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As an administrator, everyone knows the SPP software of HPE server. Today admin is sharing you the link to download different versions for installing HPE server.

SPP is to integrate all firmware driver software of different server lines and repackage HP Service Pack SPP (SPP) version 2020.09. We can burn to USB, or DVD to update driver firmware for HPE Server.

IDDecriptionFilenameLink download
01For server models G10 and above 2020.09.0 G10P35938_001_spp-2021.05.0-SPP2021050.2021_0504.129.iso
02For server models G10 and above 2020.09.0 G10P35936_001_gen10spp-2020.09.0-SPP2020090.2020_0901.17.iso
For server HPE models 2020.09.0 G9 / G10
For Gen8.1 server models
For version servers: G7.1

Good Luck

Phương Nguyễn

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