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Check Information

Use the check version CentOS uname-A or cat/etc/redhat-release command

Image 98

Step 1 Install the EPEL repository

Yum Install Epel-Release-y
Image 100

Install Yum-utils

Install Yum install yum-utils

Install the rpmconf configuration RPM Package

# yum Install rpmconf
# rpmconf-A 
Image 102

Run the command rpmconf-A-> select N means Update the nsswitch. conf file to keep the current version

Next step we clean

# Package-cleanup--Leaves
 # Package-cleanup--orphans 
Image 104

Step 3: Install DNF Centos 7

Yum install DNF

Image 106

Remove Management Packs with the command

#dnf-y remove yum yum-metadata-parser
 # RM-Rf/etc/yum 

Step 4: Upgrade Centos 7 to Centos 8

with DNF Upgrade not using yum command

# DNF Upgrade
Image 108

Steps to install CentOS 8 packages using DNF command

DNF-y Upgrade

Update EPEL Repo

DNF-y Upgrade
Image 110

After the update is complete we clear DNF

DNF Clean All

Delete always old kernel Centos 7

RPM-E 'rpm-Q kernel'

Always delete conflicting packages if available

# RPM-E--nodeps sysvinit-Tools

Launch Run Cenots 8

# DNF-y--releasever = 8--allowerasing--setopt = deltarpm = False distro-sync
Image 111

Step 5: Install new Kernel OS Centos 8

# DNF-y install kernel-core

Set the core.

DNF-y groupupdate "Core" "Minimal Install"

Check version for Success

Image 113

I Wish you success

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